Family Spots Tiny Kitten Hanging On To Life And Knew They Had To Act Fast

It was a lovely day in Beaufort County, South Carolina and Robert and Dee Gecy were taking a walk near the McTeer Bridge. The couple noticed something out of the ordinary and went to take a closer look – but they need to get their boat to do it!

Do you see what they saw?

It is a tiny kitten  hanging on for dear life!


Robert and Dee carefully navigated their boat closer.


The kitten couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old! How in the world did it end up there? Robert told the Beaufort Gazette that he and Dee were shocked!

They both knew that they had to hurry before the tiny kitten  slipped into the water.

Robert got the boat as close to the wall as he could, and Dee had the camera rolling.

The tide made it hard for them to get close enough to reach out and grab the cat. Robert didn’t give up, and Dee shouted out words of encouragement to the kitten.

Finally, Robert got the boat in the right position, and they pulled the kitten off the wall. The veterinarian gave the kitten an exam and found no injuries.

Robert and Dee took the kitten home with them.

Dee believes he was thrown off the bridge – how else would he have ended up on that wall?


Image Credit: Facebook

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