Volunteers Dedicate Their Lives So That Shelter Animals Can Live a Happy, Healthy Life While Waiting For Their Forever Homes

I am always looking for a fun and clean dog park to take my dog Emma to. A place that she  can run and play and socialize with other dogs. One day,  I noticed a sign for the Middlesex Pet Friends for Life Dog Park in Middlesex, Virginia. I  stopped , and was  eager to get Emma out to play, BUT it was closed to the public. I was shocked at first, but when I found out why this dog park was closed, tears started to pour down my face.

One of the dedicated volunteers, told me that the dog park was closed to the public from 10-2. The shelter dogs, waiting for their forever homes are not locked away in some cage without human interaction. These dogs go outside to play, run and socialize, every single day. I was ecstatic!


I am here to tell you, my animal loving friends,  about this amazing organization.

Middlesex Pet Friends for Life came to life  in 2002 as a way for animal-loving people to join forces to supplement the revenues available to Middlesex County, Virginia to house, feed and provide medical care for homeless animals at the Middlesex County Animal Control (MCAC) facility.

In the spring of 2002, Friends for Life held a fundraising event to provide money with which to carry out its purpose. Over $2,000 was raised and donated to the county with the understanding that the county would create a separate fund, the Friends for Life Fund, from which only expenses related to the purpose could be paid. Since then, Friends for Life has raised money every year and withdrawn funds to pay medical expenses for animals housed at MCAC to cover spay/neuter, heart worm treatment, vaccines and emergency surgeries.

Volunteers were found  to walk dogs at the facility, foster cats and dogs and generally fulfill the purpose by providing the animals contact with human love.

In May 2013, five Middlesex County animal lovers met to develop a plan to raise money for the fund and attract more volunteers to assist at the MCAC facility. These volunteers called their campaign Dog Friends and ran it as an arm of Friends for Life. All funds raised through Dog Friends were deposited in the Friends for Life Fund. The Dog Friends campaign  has raised over $12,000.

Their philosophy is simple: The Middlesex Pet Friends for Life organization provides a support system for the improved care of the homeless animals who are housed at the Middlesex County Animal Control (MCAC) facility.The group procures funds through public donations and supports volunteers who work at MCAC. We believe that every animal’s life has value and deserves respect and protection in a safe, caring and healthy environment.


If Live in the Middlesex, Virginia Area, Volunteer dog walkers are needed!

Walking the shelter dogs starts at 10:30 a.m. every day at the Middlesex County Animal Shelter.

Volunteer as many or few days as you want.

The shelter is located at 2840 General Puller Highway, Saluda, VA 23149.

Contact Maggie at 804-758-2963.

Foster families are needed too!

Foster families are needed for some of our dogs that are getting temporary medical attention and/or dogs that would benefit from a foster home.

Call Ruth at 804-695-7772 for an appointment.

Love cats? We’re looking for foster families!

We desperately need foster families for cats and kittens.  We will supply everything you need including a kitty condo. If interested in this rewarding experience, please email Cate at roc@va.metrocast.net.

If you do not live close by and would love to help you can make donations.


Middlesex Pet Friends for Life is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Donations are tax-deductible and are used to help improve the lives of animals waiting to be adopted from the Middlesex County Animal Control facility.

PayPal or credit card
Click the “Donate” button below to make a donation via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account.


Amazon Smile
Amazon.com now has a website that allows users to pick a charity for donations. Do your shopping through http://www.smile.amazon.com (it’s the same shopping as the regular Amazon site) and select Middlesex Pet Friends for Life as your charity. Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase you make every time you buy through Amazon Smile.

Middlesex Pet Friends for Life
P.O. Box 145

 Other options
contact Deb Bryant
Saluda, VA 23149

So, if you’re ever in the Middlesex, Virginia area, stop in and say hi! Let these awesome folk, know just how much they matter to the lives of each animal they help.

Check them out here:

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