How To Look 3 Years Younger

Facial yoga has been around for years, but the science behind its benefits have always been a bit soft—until now, that is. According to a new research letter published in JAMA Dermatology, women who followed a 30-minute facial yoga exercise a few times a week looked almost three years younger after just 20 weeks.

The study was conducted by dermatologists and researchers from Northwestern University, as well as the creator of Happy Face Yoga, Gary Sikorski. A small group of women, ages 40 to 65 with mild to moderate facial atrophy (aka sagging skin), participated in the study. Each participant was required to attend two training sessions with Sikorski to learn one-minute facial exercises that were meant to be performed at home each day for eight weeks straight. After eight weeks, they were told to repeat the exercises every other day.

Facial Yoga is beneficial for anti-aging than many had thought previously.

Check out this older demonstration from Sikorski, below:

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