Make your own scented body products (RECIPES)

Since ancient times, scented body products have been used to seduce, entice, influence, and heal. The queen of Sheba reportedly used aromatics to seduce King Solomon. Cleopatra used scents to influence the Greeks and Romans. People of many different cultures wore plant essences in an effort to prevent illness and plague. Even Napoleon enjoyed herbal scents; he reportedly used up to sixty bottles of rosemary cologne a month!

Essential oils and a few ingredients  can be combined to create very effective perfumes, powders, and body sprays. You can use just one fragrance note at a time, such as lavender, rose, or peppermint, or you can combine two or more essential oils to create your own personal signature fragrance.

The recipes here are very basic, but if you crave more information on perfumery, several books teach the fine art of blending natural perfumes. As you try the different recipes, remember that you can always experiment and substitute different oils to suit your taste.

Making your own fragrant products gives you great freedom of choice. Using the principles of aromatherapy, you can decide how you want your fragrances to affect you and those around you. For example, you may want to wear lavender for its calming, refreshing effects, sweet orange because it is uplifting, or rosemary for mental stimulation. However, you must use pure essential oils (distilled using water and steam) or absolutes (essences extracted with the use of a solvent such as alcohol) in order to reap these benefits. Synthetic fragrance oils do not offer the same results.

Garden Delight Perfume Oil

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