5 Signs Your Child Has An Old Soul


How to Recognize Your Child is An Old Soul

Without a doubt, this can seem strange and even confusing to most parents. What you should remember is that having an old soul for a child is a great blessing, given the wisdom and level-hardheadedness that they display from that young age.

Here are 5 signs that indicate whether your child is an old soul:

1: Struggle to relate to children their own age

While they will have to relate to children of their own age, they soon begin to lose interest in the conversations, dramas, and interests that their age group are actively involved in. This will sometimes result in them being bullied or even picked on early in school. They might even become an outcast.

2: Relate better to older people

Given that they are an old soul, they will enjoy making conversation with older people such as teachers or your mutual friends. Apart from this, they will also enjoy talking to older people in the family too, such as their grandparents and other elders.

3: Dislike authority and are deemed as ‘smart asses

Given that they are observant and highly intelligent, they will not blindly obey rules like their peers. Since they see themselves as equal to adults, they may get into trouble with authority when they see the unrealistic demands made of them.

4: Spend lots of time alone

It won’t be easy for children who are old souls to get involved closely with people in their age group. While their social skills might be impressive, they will prefer spending time on their own. This can be for an extended period of time, but hardly because the child is depressed or anxious, it’s because they are very comfortable in their own skin and do not need anyone to offer them any entertainment..

5: Inquisitiveness is a recognizable quality

From a young age, they will seek to increase their knowledge and wisdom and will ask a number of questions about the world around them. Not only will they be more prone to asking surprising questions but will read books, experiment, and explore the world.

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