I Struggled With Meditation Until I Did These 4 Things

Meditation cultivates spirituality, self-awareness, and self-control. The more we meditate, the more insightful and mindful we become. Most people pursue this activity to increase concentration and release the tension accumulated in their bodies. The goal of meditation is “reaching an empty mind.” When we meditate, the only thing that matters is being present.

1. Clear Your Mind

The first step towards an improved meditation technique is clearing your mind. If you are upset, vulnerable, angry, or frustrated, this won’t work. Your mind has to be at peace with your body in order to enjoy breathing. Therefore, take a break before meditating, and try doing the following:

  • Take a walk in nature. “Walking off” negative emotions is proved to be beneficial. It is an active way of coping with stress and bad energy. Breathe in, breathe out, and allow yourself to contemplate on your day. Forgive the people that need to be forgiven, and be thankful for the present moment.
  • Play with your pet. This fun activity reduces stress and gets our minds off our stressful routines. Enjoy some great time with your dog/cat/pig/elephant!
  • Create art. Even if you are not the best painter or sculptor, displaying your emotions on a piece of paper clears your mind and keeps you away from negative thinking.

2. Read About It

The hardest part about meditating is making time for it. If you are curious enough to research the topic, you’ll find out that this amazing activity improves your cognitive abilities, and helps you develop strong qualities that will serve you well in your workplace. When researching, ask yourself:

  • What is meditation?
  • How can meditation improve my productivity level?
  • Is meditation helpful in case I am not sure how to deal with a conflict?
  • Is meditation beneficial for my health?

After reading through numerous scientific articles and reviews, you will realize that meditation is extremely important in your life, so you might find enough patience to pursue it.

3. Keep a “Mind” Journal

Another good option to improve your meditation technique is keeping a mind journal. Every time your mind wanders off, write down your thoughts. What do you think about when you close your eyes? Do your thoughts have any specific meaning? Is there something that you should fix? Keeping a mind journal keeps track of our thoughts, and provides us with a better understanding of how our minds work.

4. Don’t Be a Control Freak

Let go of control, and go with the flow. Stop being a control freak.

  • Observe your emotions and actions
  • Ask yourself: why do I have to control everything that I do?
  • Accept your most truthful answers
  • Challenge your thinking process
  • Design a personalized battle plan
  • Apply it, and let go of destructive thoughts

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