Watch as This Dad Brilliantly Ends a Public Tantrum

It can happen to any parent: You’re strolling through a public area trying to simultaneously keep an eye on your kids and check off items on your to-do list. Then, out of the blue, it happens. The dreaded tantrum.

When your little one breaks down outside of the home, it can seem like the whole world is watching. The pressure is on. But Ohio dad Terrel Rico Relz Crawford, turned his 3-year-old’s Walmart meltdown into a Facebook Live that has now reached over 22 million views for its brilliance and undeniable wisdom.


In the video, Crawford has just taken his daughter Ari into the parking lot after she threw a fit inside the store. They’re sitting on the hood of the car as he lets her cry it out, patiently waiting with an amused look on his face (we totally relate).

“You done?” he asks Ari. “You sound like you’re still whining to me. You gonna listen in the store? You gonna stop whining? You gonna stop screaming?”

Then he explains to her what’s going to happen, laying down the law without raising his voice: “I’m not taking you back into Walmart until you stop with your mess … If we go back in the store and you do it again, we’re coming back out here to sit down.” And here’s the thing: it actually works!

His go-to tactic when his kids are misbehaving is to bore them, take them somewhere where they can’t be distracted by toys or people and calmly wait it out. “Not each occasion calls for a whooping or yelling,” Crawford wrote about his video, “it does more harm than help and leaves long term effects.”


[h/t Scary Mommy]

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