What You See First Will Reveal Your Deepest Fear


What did you see first: the little girl, the butterfly, the strawberry, the spider, the trees, or the teddy bear? Whichever item you saw first, jump to the corresponding section below to see what it means!


If the first image you noticed in the picture was that of the little girl, we can gather that your fears from childhood emotions which you repressed.

These type of repressed emotions are startlingly common, and can surface in your adult life as addictions or inappropriate desires if you don’t take the time to work through .


We usually associate butterflies with light, hopeful, positive meanings, but they can also be a reflection of fears in our unconscious—particularly fears of new starts, or even of death.

This may be a reflection on a fear of missing out, or not taking advantage of opportunities.


If you saw the skull first, your subconscious fear is death. However, not your own death, but that of your family members or close friends. It is very likely that you have already lost someone dear to you. With the trauma you have been faced with, it`s no wonder that this shadow keeps haunting you and you cannot bear the thoughts of losing someone else in your life.


In this image the strawberry represents the heart, especially as it is placed in the center of the picture and is an enlarged representation. If this is what you saw first, you need to look inward.

You need to look at your feelings and fears surrounding love. This may go back to childhood (and how your parents expressed love, toward you or toward each other, for instance), or it may refer to more recent relationships.


This could refer to our current physical environment, or it could be a reflection of our emotional or even spiritual surroundings. Regardless, seeing the spider first is a reflection that you feel ill-at-ease with where you are, and that fear can keep you from living fully in the present.



If you saw the trees first, this points back to your roots, or can be a referendum on an emotional split you fear, a way in which you feel torn.

This fear of being split emotionally is incredibly common, and can refer back to a stressful situation in which you feel pulled in different directions. It can refer back to our own doubts and uncertainties as well.


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