Dandelion Tummy Bitters Recipe

Dandelion Tummy Bitters Recipe

• 2 parts dandelion root
• 1 part fennel seed
• 1⁄2 part ginger root
• 1⁄2 part orange peel
• 100-proof vodka

1. If tincturing fresh herbs, first clean them, then finely chop or grind them. Fill 1⁄2 of a clean Mason jar with the mixture. If tincturing dried herbs, only fill 1⁄3 of the jar, as dried roots will expand.

2. Cover herbs with 100-proof vodka, filling to the very top of the jar. Be sure your herb mixture is completely covered.

3. Allow mixture to extract for 6 to 8 weeks, shaking often. Strain herbs with cheesecloth and squeeze any remaining liquid back into the extract. Bottle liquid in amber dropper bottles and label with the name, date and parts used.

This recipe was obtained from the Mountain Rose Blog

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