DIY Energy Elixir Recipe

This energy elixir recipe, which is infused with energy-boosting herbs and a little brandy, has a handily long shelf life.

This delicious energy elixir recipe, preserved with brandy, is an energizing tonic with a handily long shelf life.

• 1 tablespoon dried licorice
• 1 tablespoon dried astragalus
• 2 tablespoons dried damiana
• 2 tablespoons dried gotu kola
• 1 tablespoon dried black cherry
• 1 tablespoon dried elderberries
• 4 cups boiling water
• 1/2 cup sugar, honey or vegetable glycerin
• 1/2 cup brandy

1. Combine all herbs in a pot and pour boiling water over them. Steep, loosely covered, for 1 hour, or until liquid is reduced by half.

2. Strain and pour liquid into a 1-quart jar. Let cool, then add sweetener and brandy.

3. To use: Take up to 2 tablespoons per day for energy. Stored in the refrigerator, this elixir’s shelf life is about six months. Makes 1 quart.

Note: Herbal remedies can interact with medications, so talk to your doctor. Do not use this syrup if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Excerpted from The Essential Herbal For Natural Health , by Holly Bellebuono

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