These are so easy to make ( four ingredients!) and they smell amazing. Simply stash some around the house and easily fool guests into thinking you’ve just cleaned, even if it’s been a while.

 Make Essential Oil Fragrance Stones

All you need is flour, salt, water and essential oils. Combine everything in a bowl and knead it to form a dough. Then roll the dough into small stones and let them dry overnight.

Once completely dry, you can tuck a few stones in a bowl, use as vase filler or place in small groupings around the house. Keep  some in the kitchen, in a bowl on the coffee table and stashed around the bathroom—any place guests are sure to visit. Much like potpourri, the stones gradually release their fragrance into the air while disguising themselves as décor.

Feel free to get creative with these by adding flower petals, citrus peels, herbs or food coloring. Not only does it add interest but fresh herbs and flower petals will help boost the fragrance. And if you find that the scent starts to fade after a while, simply drip some essential oils onto the stones and let it sink in. It will give them a temporary boost until you decide to make some more.

DIY Essential Oil Fragrance Stones

yield 12 stones



  1. Combine the flour, salt and boiling water in a bowl. While the water is hot, use a whisk to combine everything as best you can (it’s going to thicken quickly). When it’s cool enough to touch, use your hands to knead the ingredients into a dough.
  2. Add the essential oils and optional ingredients (like flower petals) and continue kneading.
  3. Break off 1 to 2 inch pieces of dough and roll with your hands until it forms a ball. Press the ball slightly until it resembles a stone.
  4. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let dry overnight.
  5. Put several stones in a bowl or stash individual stones wherever you need a boost of fragrance.

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