Homemade Perfume Recipes


Historically, perfumes were made by steeping flowers in a jar with alcohol and a small amount of oil. Use this timeless practice to make cologne water at home. It is much lighter than perfume and perfect for daytime use. The following blends make a great starting point. Experiment to devise your own signature scent.

Homemade Perfume Recipe

• 1/4 cup natural alcohol such as vodka or witch hazel
• 1/4 cup distilled or boiled water
• 2 to 3 drops each of your favorite essential oils (see variations below)

1. Mix ingredients together. Pour into a clean container.

2. To use: Spray or splash the scented cologne onto your skin. Makes 4 ounces.


Scent Variations

■ Floral: Rose, frangipani, jasmine, violet and lilac

■ Spice: Cinnamon, ginger, clove and allspice

■ Wood: Pine, cedar and sandalwood

■ Fruit: Lemon, orange, peach and coconut

■ Herbal: Lavender, chamomile and sage

■ Exotic: Herbal musk, ylang ylang and vanilla

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