Using Infused Oils to Heal Muscle Pain and Injuries (Recipes)

Birch Leaf Oil for Sore Muscles

Birch leaves contain anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties which is why it’s so helpful to use on those sore muscles.  They also help detoxify the blood (they make a great tea too) and body, and are often used in commercial products to help with cellulite in the body.

How to Make Birch Leaf Oil

Fill a clean glass jar to within 1/2″ of the top with fresh, washed and dried, birch leaves.  Use the best looking leaves – nothing wilted, brown, diseased, or infested with insects.  Cover these leaves with olive oil and be sure to remove any air bubbles.

Secure a piece of Cheesecloth  over the opening of the jar with a rubber band instead of using a lid.  This breathable covering means that any moisture in the leaves can evaporate rather than cause mold in the jar on top of the oil.

Put the jar in a sunny window and leave to infuse for 1 month.  Check the leaves now and then and make sure they stay submerged under the oil. Look for mold, don’t use if the leaves/oil mold.

At the end of the month, strain the leaves from the oil and store the oil in a clean jar.  Once the oil is done infusing, keep the oil out of direct sunlight by storing in a dark bottle

Using Birch Leaf Oil

The great thing about this medicine is that it requires no other preparation.  Simply massage the infused oil into sore muscles as needed and allow the body to rest a bit and recover.

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