Do You Have a Strong-Willed Child?

If you’re the proud parent of a strong-willed child you are most likely both incredibly proud and also at times, extremely frustrated.

1. Cut Nose to Spite Face

If you have a strong-willed child, he or she will cut off his or her own nose to spite his or her face.

The strong-willed child has to hang onto her convictions as it means so much to her to be right and see her actions come to light.

2. It’s Their Way

Most of the times, the parent of a strong-willed child simply needs to trick a kiddo into thinking it was his or her idea in the first place.

3. Bullies

Yes, a strong-willed child can be bullied and can be hurt by unkind actions and words, however for the most part, parents of strong-willed kids know that their kid will lock horns with that bully. This means that while our feisty kiddos may get bullied, they most likely won’t cower.

4. Not Followers

In a similar vein, the strong-willed child is not a follower, but a leader. Sometimes, the kiddo needs to learn to let someone else head the way, but as parents we know our strong children will not blindly follow the blind.

5. Picking Battles Can be Tiring

The parent of a sassy kid knows that picking battles is not only necessary, but also exhausting.

6. Their Ideas Can be Genius

Listening or watching a strong-willed little one speak or carry out an idea he or she has decided is a sharp idea, is amazing. A strong-willed child has so much energy, verve, direction and focus to carry out even the tiniest of initiatives. While these “initiatives” can be tiring to counteract as a parent if you don’t approve of them, watching these ideas come to life is pretty awesome.

7. They Will Ask Fifty Times Again

The strong-willed child simply believes that she’s right and has to carry out whatever it is she’s fighting for.

8. They’re Not Being Fresh

There’s fresh and rude, and then there is strong-willed and convinced.

When a feisty kid persists with something, he’s not trying to misbehave — he’s trying to do what he thinks is right. It can seem defiant — and sure, a strong-willed child and ANY kid can be defiant — but it’s not defiance — it’s commitment.

9. Knowing They Will Rock as an Adult

Watching your strong-willed child, you know that down the line, this kid is going to be a confident, strong and ambitious adult.

10. Success is Their Middle Name

Strong-willed children may give you gray hair, but they will also be incredibly successful. All they need is a platform in which to fuel their energy, drive and vision.

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