Seaweed has many health benefits

Seaweed is fast becoming a popular snack choice due to its amazing nutritional value. Here, nutritionist Mariene Watson-Tara highlights 10 key health benefits you can enjoy by getting on board with the trend.

1)     Detox your body!

Sometimes we need to “cleanse” our body to flush out harmful toxins and stay healthy.  Nutritionist Mariene Watson-Tara suggests seaweed as the perfect way to cleanse your body. Sprinkle dry seaweed over salads to promote detoxification of your body.

2)     High in fibre

Fibre provides the “bulk” that aids in regular bowel movement and one of the best sources of fibre are sea vegetables. These help rid the body of heavy metals like lead, mercury and other pollutants. As toxic elements are converted into harmless salts, our bodies simply flush them away.

3)     Packed with vitamins and minerals

Seaweed is packed full of vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, iodine along with fibre and beta carotene. Mariene suggests including at least one seaweed product, the new super food, in your daily diet plan.

4)     Strengthen the immune system

Seaweed strengthens the immune system and bones as they provide vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin A and zinc. This makes seaweed the perfect snack for those autumn months!

5)     Low-calorie and low-fat

A typical serving of seaweed has approximately 70 calories, 50 milligrams of calcium and 4 grams of fat. Eaten in moderation, it can be enjoyed without breaking the calorie bank!

6)     Slowing the process of ageing

Nutrient-rich seaweed helps to slow down the process of ageing and promote stable blood sugar levels.

7)     Reduce blood pressure

A 2011 review of 100 studies on the benefits of seaweeds reported on proteins active in the vegetable which reduce blood pressure almost like popular ACE inhibitor drugs[1].

8)     Rich in antioxidants

Seaweed is rich in antioxidants and can help protect you from diseases. As part of a healthy diet, seaweed can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and digestive problems.

9)     Combats iodine insufficiency

A 2014 study by Glasgow University suggested that adding sea vegetables to our diets could help to solve the UKs iodine insufficiency problem.[2] Iodine is vital in order to maintain a healthy thyroid, the gland which produces and regulates hormones.

10)Regulate oestrogen levels

Oestrogen is responsible for the proper development and function of sexual organs. Consuming healthy amounts of seaweed may potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer[3].