4-Week Workout Plan That Will Shed Pounds Fast

This workout is great for those of you who want to shed weight fast. The exercises involved in this routine are push-ups, squats, hip raises, planks, and elbow-to-knee crunches. These exercises are put together to form a workout plan that you can follow through 4 week’s time. To get the best results, you should follow a  healthy eating plan.
This workout is simple, but effective.

5 Exercises To Help You Lose Weight In 4 Weeks

1. Push-ups

Push ups help build upper body strength

  • Get into position by kneeling, and put your hands out in front of you
  • Your palms should be flat on the floor
  • Make sure not to rotate your hand or your wrist
  • Keep your palms about shoulder length apart
  • Once you have adequate support, lift your knees up and support your body on your toes
  • Keep your legs apart if you want more stability
  • Make sure to not bend your knees or your neck. This keeps your spine aligned
  • Keep your body weight focused on the upper body
  • Now bend your elbows and bring your body down to touch the ground
  • Draw your abdomen in and make sure your hips don’t touch the floor before your face does
  • Straighten the elbows to come back up and repeat

2. Plank

Planks help strengthen your core

  • Start in push-up position
  • Bend your right elbow and bring it to rest on the ground
  • Do the same with the left arm
  • Your weight should be supported by your forearms which are flat on the ground
  • Hold this position for as long as you can

3. Squats

Squats help tone the glutes and lower body

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms to the side
  • Bend your knees into the squat, pulling your arms up in front of you
  • While squatting make sure your knees don’t bow inwards or outwards but stay aligned with the rest of your leg
  • Your chest should remain above your hips so that your lower back is not strained
  • Come back up into starting position and repeat

4. Hip Raises

Keep your glutes squeezed as you raise your hips

  • Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your and feet flat on the floor
  • Extend your arms out to your sides at a 45-degree angle
  • Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up
  • Make sure to keep your pelvis tilted
  • Lift them up as high as possible
  • Slowly lower yourself down to the floor and repeat

5. Elbow-To-Knee Crunch

This crunch exercises your abdominal muscles.

  • Start by lying on your back
  • Bend your elbows and place your palms under your head
  • Raise your right leg keeping it bent at the knee
  • Try to reach this raised right leg with the opposite left elbow
  • Alternate with the raised left leg and opposite right elbow and repeat
  • For a more intense variation, try to lift the upper body as you do this

How To Make This A Four Week Plan

1. Workout A

  • Do 1 minute each of planks and push-ups
  • Follow this with 2 minutes of squats
  • Do 1 minute each of elbow to knee crunches, hip raises, planks and push-ups
  • Follow this once more with 2 minutes of squats

Remember to rest for 10 seconds between exercises.

2. Workout B

  • Do 3 minutes each of planks, elbow to knee crunches, hip raises
  • Follow this with one 1 minute of push-ups

Rest for 15 seconds in between each exercise.

Alternate between these workouts every day. For example, day 1 of week one starts with workout A. Do workout B on day 2. Alternate for 6 days and then rest for one day. In the second week, start with the workout B and alternate for 6 days, resting for one day. Complete this entire cycle twice for a four-week plan.

This workout can do wonders for your body but you must try to complement this exercise with a healthy eating plan to make the most of its benefits.

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