5 Tips For Better Shakes

Use a Quality Blender

Get one with ice-crushing ability. A weak blender means you’ll have to water down your smoothies to mix them properly. Plus, a better blender will allow you to add veggies like spinach and kale and pulverize them so well that you won’t have to taste them.

Use Frozen Fruit
Froze fruit is more nutritious than fresh fruit—it’s frozen immediately after being picked, thus locking in the vitamins and minerals. Frozen fruit can also substitute for ice cubes, chilling your drink and adding a slushy consistency when blended.

Use Protein Powder

Powders should contain primarily the main ingredient they advertise. Look for “100%” whey, egg-white, or casein protein. Choose one that’s low in carbohydrates—you don’t want to pay extra for carbs, since you can get them cheaply and easily from other foods.

Add Veggies

You can toss fresh or frozen vegetables into any smoothie to add nutrition and fiber, which will help fill you up and avoid extra calories later. Spinach has a subtle flavor, so it’s barely detectable in a smoothie.

Use Add-Ons

You’ve probably seen funky ingredients like acai powder, maqui, and wheatgrass at your gym’s smoothie bar or your local smoothie spot. You can add these to homemade shakes as well.

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