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There is a lot to be said for the idea of eating powerful foods that can flush toxins from the system. We are surrounded by industrial pollutants, consumer products are laced with questionable compounds, and much of our food is infused with synthetic chemicals – in general, modern life can be a toxic affair. Combine that knowledge with the fatigue and stresses of contemporary existence and it’s easy to see why many people feel as if they are being subtly poisoned. So of course, when this juice and that vegetable and those supplements, etcetera, all promise to rid the body of the things that purportedly ail it, we jump into the smoothie line and figure out new ways to eat raw kale.

According to toxicology expert Raychelle Burks, our bodies are already doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to detoxing. The video below comes from Reactions, a video series produced by ACS and PBS Digital Studios; in it, we learn about the processes that the body performs in order to keep things tidy on the inside. Of course, sometimes the body might require proper detoxing, but when it gets to that point, explains Burks, it’s a job for the hospital, not Juice Generation.

Written by Melissa Breyer

Post originally appeared on Treehugger

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