Tighten Your Abs in 21 Days with the Plank Challenge


Planking on the other side is a very popular exercise among the fitness community and it’s really a top one when it comes to better results. Planks improve our daily workout and it gives us benefits for the whole body. Here’s a program made of 21 days with our plank challenge:

Days  1-2:

Start the exercise with one set of 30 second planks

Days 3-7:

Now do two sets of 30 seconds planks, but now do 1 set in the morning and 1 set in the evening before you go to bed. If you make it up to 60 seconds, even better for you!

Days 8-10:

Increase planks for two sets and 60 seconds instead of 30! This can be a little harder for you now, so try to make them as steady as possible.

Days 11- 15:

In this period, you can try different forms and variations of planking, you can try some moving plankings when you start off with both of your forearms supporting your body but you later raise one arm and you support on the other one, It’s important to do them differently now and to stay up to 60 seconds.

Days 16-18:

Now it’s the time to push yourself to see how much you can last. If it’s 70, 80, 90 seconds, just don’t choose mentally a number of seconds so you can give up. Try your maximum without thinking about it.

Days 19-21:

Now as the last phase, you can shake the things up and try to do different variations, maximum amount of time you can make and you can do 3-4 sets in the whole day, starting one in the morning, one or two in the day and one before you go to sleep.


– Hold your breath

– Allow your hips, shoulders, legs to drop

– Place your hands too close to one another

– Try to hold on too long to a position, it’s better to do shorter amount but to do it right. There’s no point in long bad posture of the body, it’s not beneficial for you that way.

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