Parents: This is What You Should Keep in Your Cars, AT ALL TIMES

 Blankets or Towels

Extra blankets or even towels are good for added warmth during a spontaneous nap or for cleaning up big spills.


Whether for potty problems or sticky fingers, you’ll never be sorry to have wipes on hand.


No one can predict the weather! Keep an umbrella tucked somewhere in the car in case you forget one or get surprised by a storm.

Hand Sanitizer

 Keep an all natural Hand Sanitizer in the car to use at snack time or before they can stick their fingers in their mouths after playing at the park.


Make things easy on your little ones’ sensitive faces during runny noses in the car — a toilet paper roll works too.

Water Bottles

It’s always a good idea to have extra water around  for thirsty tots! This can be tricky in warmer weather, because keeping plastic bottles of water can be dangerous if the bottles get too hot and leach chemicals into the water. In cooler temperatures, you can keep  reusable water bottles on hand, but make sure to keep the water fresh.


Never go anywhere without extra toys and stuffed animals! They can be placeholders for forgotten favorites or even act as extra entertainment since they are novel compared to the regular household toys your kids see more often.

Portable Potty

If your little one is still in the process of potty training, it’s a good idea to have a portable potty on hand in case of emergencies.

Seatbelt Cutter/ Window breaker

In case of emergency store a  in your glove box. Find it HERE.

Extra Change of Clothes

Accidents happen, so keep your kids dry and clean with a fresh pair of clothes if something gets wet or dirty.

Nonperishable Snacks

It’s smart to have healthy snacks in the car in case of tummy grumbles, but opt for food that keeps for a long time.

First-Aid Kit

You never know when you might need to fix a scrape or cut, so always have a kid-friendly medi-bag  or first-aid kit in the car.


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