The Easiest Banana Pudding You’ll Ever Make (VIDEO)

I seriously have a banana pudding addiction. It’s the only dessert I literally cannot say no to.

But, where did this delicious concoction come from? What makes it so special?

Here is some fun trivia on the infamous banana pudding as we know it today:

Banana pudding is considered  a ‘modern American dessert. Americans didn’t have  bananas until after the Civil War—or at least not very many. In the 1840s and 1850s, a few bunches made their way from the West Indies to Atlantic ports like New York and Charleston, but they were rare, perishable treats. That changed just after the Civil War, as faster steam ships and new trading firms brought in more and more of the fruit from the Caribbean and, increasingly, from Central America.

The first actual banana pudding recipe appeared in 1888, and it was not in a Southern periodical but in the Massachusetts-based Good Housekeeping. It’s quite similar to a traditional English trifle, with bananas used as the fruit.

After World War II, banana pudding’s Southern identity took hold, and by the 1950s, newspaper writers were routinely associating the dessert with the Deep South. The addition of vanilla wafers became the final piece to the banana pudding puzzle in the 1960s. The rapid expansion of highway systems across the South allowed for greater mobility of produce like bananas, and Nabisco’s marketing of Vanilla Wafers created the perfect storm for banana pudding’s reign over humanity.

There are many recipes on how to make banana pudding, and since banana pudding is basically fool proof, it’s hard to get them wrong. BUT, if you’re in a hurry, and really like fuss free cooking try this simple 4 ingredient recipe that wins every time.

The Easiest Banana Pudding You’ll Ever Make

3 large over ripe bananas

1 box vanilla pudding (prepare according to directions)

1 container cool whip

1 box Vanilla Wafers

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