Soothe Your Sunburn in 3 Simple Steps With Ayurveda

Sunburns can almost make you feel like you’re sick because, though they look like they’re just affecting the surface of the skin, your body is in overdrive to repair all this damage.

Here are 3 major ways to soothe a sunburn.

Oil Application
If your skin is badly burned and hot to touch, then it would be good to wait a few hours before putting oil on the skin and using a cold compress to bring down the heat, then use the oil below once it’s cooled down to your body’s temperature. Studies have shown that applying oil to a first-degree burn may speed up healing time and reduce dryness. In ayurveda, oil application is called abyanghaand not only nourishes and heals the skin, but is meant to nourish the soul as well! ‘Oil’ in Sanskrit (ayurveda’s ancient language) can be translated into sneha, which means ‘love.’

Each dosha requires a little something different, so when choosing a healing oil for the summer look to the following:

VATA should steer toward a nourishing castor oil; it is antibacterial and a little heavy, which will add some grounding to airy vatas.

PITTA will need anti-inflammatory most, due to being mostly fire. Coconut oil is an excellent choice for its cooling, antibacterial and antifungal properties. According to studies,

KAPHA should gravitate towards something light that keeps the blood moving. Neem oil is a great choice; it stimulates the blood flow to bring nourishment to the skin.

Hydrate From the Inside
You may notice being extra thirsty during a sunburn. This isn’t just because you feel hot. Your internal body is working overtime to heal the skin and needs extra hydration to do so! Each dosha should eat and drink what’s right for them during the summer season.

VATA is the driest of all the doshas and will need a little extra ‘umph’ of hydration beyond just water. Aloe juice, honeydew melon and cucumber are super quenching ways to get electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to stay hydrated, not just throughout a sunburn, but all summer long.

PITTA, again, is fiery and will want to hydrate and cool down. Coconut water, celery and watermelon are go-to picks all summer season.

KAPHA is the wateriest of the doshas, but will still require adequate hydration. To avoid adding in too many sweets, kapha types should reach for a high-quality low-sugar lemonade, some romaine lettuce and green apples.

 ACV Bath
Taking a cool water bath will benefit all body types with a sunburn. Adding in about a cup of high quality apple cider vinegar (ACV) will take the bath from good to great! I mean, who really wants just a cold bath? The ACV is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-anything bad! These properties will help the skin heal and relieve itchiness as the sunburn begins to peel off.


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